Feedback and Why It’s Important

When you shop online, do you check feedback?  Most people do.  I’ve had customers tell me they were nervous about ordering something custom made online, but my feedback from other customers convinced them to trust me and go for it.  When I buy something online, I check reviews on the product, check feedback on a seller, and even sometimes check feedback on a buyer.


Negative feedback doesn’t mean I won’t buy from a seller, but it depends on what it is.  If they have 100 feedback praising their service or product, then one person griping about how horrible it all was, I just figure it was sour grapes or a bad customer.  Now if I see all positive feedback for a while and then all of a sudden they’re getting dinged with neutrals and negatives every few days, that tells me either they’re burned out and don’t care anymore or having other issues so I move on elsewhere.


That being said, and I’m betting most people also look at feedback, so why have only 1/3 of my customers left me feedback?  I receive emails telling me they received their item and love it and everything’s great and the color is perfect, etc. but no feedback shows up in my profile.


You rely on the feedback from others to help you decide if you want to trust a seller.  Shouldn’t you take a few minutes once you receive your item and help other customers with the same?  I give feedback on all of my customers, thanking them for their business and noting if they were especially great to work with.  I know several sellers who won’t leave feedback until it’s left for them.


When a problem arises with your product, if the seller works with you to resolve it quickly, you should let others know that the seller is responsive and on top of things, as well as stands behind their items and service.  Say you order a new handback and the handle breaks off the second day you use it.  You email the seller and explain the problem.  A good seller will either send you a replacement, or if it was a one of a kind item ask you to return it so they can repair it for you free of charge.  If returning it isn’t practical, some may offer a full or partial refund.  Don’t be offended if they ask for pics of the damage to assess what happened.  We have to deal with a lot of beggars and scammers, so we also have to protect our businesses.  This isn’t a reflection on you, but simply us being responsible business owners.  Most stores wouldn’t let you return an item just by saying it was damaged, they have to inspect it to verify the damage themselves.  You should definitely leave feedback for the seller, explaining the problem and how they worked with you.  eBay only allows short feedback to be left, so you’re limited there, but other sites like Amazon and Etsy allow pretty much unlimited feedback.


If the seller went the extra mile to help you resolve the problem, then they should receive positive feedback for that.  If they ignored your emails and did nothing to help you, then they should receive neutral or negative feedback for that.  Be honest, be objective, and keep in mind that you’re helping other buyers with your feedback.


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